Our Mission

It doesn't get any more real than this — the aim, the feel, the thrill. If you love immersive first person shooter gaming, this gun is for you and your friends.

The Delta Six is the most realistic gaming gun ever invented for the Xbox and Playstation franchises and personal computers.

Pre-order today and save $55 off the retail price of the gun when it launches!


The Delta Six was fully funded through Kickstarter by both mid and high level gamers. You told us what you wanted and we listened. Now we are ready to deliver the realistic, immersive experience that gamers worldwide were craving — real kickback, premium materials, live-action motion sensing controls, triggered zoom, and more.

By law, the gun comes with an orange tip. By choice, we've also made a reinforced lock-ready briefcase. It's sharp, functional, and we recommend it for gamers with children at home.

We will not apologize for delivering the most realistic, fun, and immersive gun controller on the market.

Tap to Reload

Tapping the magazine will trigger your character to reload in the game.

Swing Stock to Melee

Swing the stock of the gun to trigger a melee in the game.

Real Recoil with Actuator

When firing the controller, the internal actuator will give recoil.

Triggered Zoom

Leaning your head down towards the scope will trigger the IR Sensor, zooming in on the game.



Made to please the hardcore FPS gamers with an immersive and responsive input.

It takes the action of Call of Duty and brings it to life while making you look like a total BAD ASS!

The Nintendo Wiimote and PS3 Move controllers made big strides. But neither can hold a candle to the DELTA SIX.

It's always difficult to gauge the quality of gun controllers without actually trying one out, but it appears the ambitious Delta Six is in some competent hands as its creators also made the highly-praised Avenger Controller.

Replicates the look and feel of a semi-automatic rifle.